Potsdam International Organization (PIO)

The mission of the Potsdam International Organization is to expose students to world cultures through interaction, insight and dialogue.

The Potsdam International Organization exists to encourage cultural exploration, support multicultural diversity, and enrich local and global unity. Our mission at the PIO is to make the rich array of world cultures here at SUNY Potsdam an exciting and fully engaged part of student life. We hope to foster strong bonds between the international body and local community by capitalising on the many advantages SUNY Potsdam’s vibrant intercontinental atmosphere has to offer. The PIO is one of the largest student groups here on campus, representing the enthusiasm for diversity and difference that’s synonymous with SUNY Potsdam.

As well as its international credentials, the PIO also hosts a luminous array of creative talent, thanks to SUNY Potsdam’s world class Crane School of Music. Crane international students regularly give performances from their home cultures, representing a great opportunity to enjoy arts from all across the world.

Some of the events the PIO has been involved with this year include:

  • An international potluck supper attended by students from several local universities
  • An on-campus bonfire to help mark the UK celebration of “bonfire night”
  • Fundraising for the UNICEF Philippine disaster fund
  • A poster-making evening to help raise awareness of the group
  • Participating in exercises to help local ESL students with their English

We’re looking forward to a busy and exciting new semester, where we will be hosting an international banquet, enjoying regular international movie nights, and lots more.

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The PIO is run by an Executive Board of current students, and presently consists of:

Mascot: Platypus the Platypus (from Australia)

We also have members from Mexico, Korea, the Philippines, Tibet, and Saudi Arabia, to name but a few. So, wherever you’re from and whatever you’re into, you’ll be sure to find a warm welcome / wilkommen / Добро пожаловать! here at the Potsdam International Organization.